About Us

I’m a coupon clipping, sweepstakes entering, bouncy box loving girl in Atlanta, Georgia. I love saving my family money and winning prizes for us all to enjoy.

It all started a few years ago when I was watching the Tyra Banks show. She was airing a television episode on coupons – and I was instantly hooked. I couldn’t believe the money I was just throwing away and wasting! The brands of products that I buy my family everyday were putting out coupons in the newspaper and online and I was just ignoring them. I’m not rich, so every bit helps. One day I just grabbed a pair of scissors and started clipping. It really adds up!

Once I started clipping coupons, I started following a lot of brands that I like on facebook and twitter and that’s how I found out about free samples. Companies are constantly just giving out free products to promote their brand or a new product on their line. I was use to the free samples they hand out at Costco, but boy was this on another level. A lot of companies are extremely generous. A free sample to them means a free full size product. All you have to do is follow their instructions and complete the form with your mailing address. Watch your mailbox and get a nice surprise in about 6 – 8 weeks.

After awhile I started noticing that when companies weren’t handing out coupons or free samples on their website they were often running a sweepstakes. I was extremely skeptical at first. A free sample was one thing, but some of the prizes companies give away on sweepstakes are amazing. So Amazing that it could be hard to believe, but they are real. My first sweepstakes win was a full size bottle of apple juice. It was about a $3 or $4 value, but it was the proof that I needed. I was so excited when I got that first win. That night I stayed up later than normal just entering every sweepstakes I could find.

When I got my first cash win, a $100 check, I was hooked. I stopped playing candy crush and all the computer games. If I was online at any time, I was entering sweepstakes or signing up and requesting free samples in the mail.

About 2 or 3 years ago Amazon came up with this nifty invention that many of us know call bouncy boxes. We call them that, because to enter, you click the brown box. It will jump up and down, and if you win confetti will pop out of the box.

If you are a fan of sweepstakes, then you know that the best ones are instant win games. That instant gratification is nice. No waiting and checking your email everyday. You find out right there in real time if you are the winner. Bouncy boxes fulfills that rush you get from instant win games. Companies host a giveaway to promote their brand – and you can normally enter in about 3 clicks. It’s quick, it’s fun and there is a variety of prizes. No two days are the same. The host will pick the prize. They can pick anything sold on Amazon – and Amazon sells millions of different products.

The host pays for the prize and pays for the shipping cost. You do not need Amazon prime to win a bouncy box. Amazon will handle all prize fulfillment’s. When I personally win a bouncy box I normally get my prize in only a few days.

This a personal blog where I share bouncy boxes that are live with my friends. I’ll also share my personal wins and how I’m using the prizes in my daily life. I would love to hear from you about your story and how you got started in this fun world!